I’m Lacy Hart, and thanks for coming by my blog and checking things out.

Here’s a little about me – I’ve been writing all my life, in one form or another, having different jobs along the way that have always involved writing. I have my college degrees in English and have always had a passion for writing. It wasn’t until recently that I found that writing romance was a good fit for the writing I like to do. Like most people, I love to see a romantic movie or read a book that tugs at the heartstrings.

There are so many different types of romance stories and novels today that there is a little something for everyone. I am trying to carve out my particular niche in the marketplace by offering up stories that involve the chance to get lost in the real world. I love to create characters that we can all relate to, and try to craft my heroes – whether they are firemen, military men, doctors, lawyers or even the typical bad boys – in a way that is relatable, fun and romantic.

You’ll always find a little beat of steam in my stories to help keep you captivated, along with some tension and conflict, but you can also rest assured that you will get the happy ending that we all want to have in life.

My personal life is a pretty happy one, and I have a diverse choice of hobbies and likes that keep me going from day to day. I love my coffee, my puppy, my family, and baseball (not always necessarily in that order), and I love to watch movies and hunker down with a good book.

Take a journey with me, whether it is through reading one of my books or reading and chatting with me on the blog or social media, so we can have some fun, learn about what you like or want to read about, and much more.

Remember, happily ever after lives here.