How to Begin?

Hello and welcome to my website and blog! I’ve had some fits and starts getting this blog going, but I think I finally have everything straightened out to where it will start working as the place I want it to be. Excuse the mess while I play with things like themes, fonts, and more to try to get the space looking where I am comfortable and happy with it. But for now, it gives me an excellent place to begin so I can write, chat with everyone, and let you know what is going on.

The question for me as always been – how to begin? Beginning for me not only goes to whatever story I happen to be working on but my entire writing life. To say I came to getting published late is an understatement. I have been writing for many, many years, all through junior high, high school, college and beyond, but never even considered that what I wrote was going to be good enough to get published somewhere. I kept the stories to myself, and they were a wide range of stories – everything from dramatic, to funny, to paranormal, and more. One common theme always seemed to run through what I was writing though – it had some romantic element to it. There was romance to be found everywhere, in one form or another. Even if it was just the slightest hint of it, some romantic tension somewhere, it was always there.

So when the opportunity came along to actually write something romantic, an erotic romance or a sweet romance, I decided to take a chance at it and see what I could do. I was incredibly fortunate to meet up with Scarlet Lantern Publishing, who was willing to take a chance on me as a writer and let me give a shot at building an audience. My first book, Burnt, was well received and help me get my brand started. Now, my second book, Change Up, was just released yesterday and is off to a great start. I think both stories say a lot about who I am – I’m a sucker for romance, for someone getting swept off their feet, falling in love, and finding a way to make it work. What’s most important to me in a story, and probably in my life, is that there is a happily ever after that comes along as well.

We all want that happily-ever-after moment – the moment where we know we are with the person that is most important to us, that makes us feel safe, secure, and loved. A soulmate is something that I think gets overused a bit today, and people confuse it with the emotions they may feel at the moment when they are with someone. You truly know when you are with the someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. The comfort and security are there, you feel at peace, and like you don’t want to be anywhere else or with anyone else, and, to borrow from Jerry Maguire, you feel like the other person completes you.

That is why I want to try to bring across in my books. The two books that are out already are a great start towards this; I think I will only get better and better at things as I go along. I have lots of great story ideas from all kinds of sources that I cannot wait to share with everyone as time goes along. Hopefully, you will want to share in the ride with me, enjoy the books and see what comes along. I plan to use this space to talk about my writing process, what inspires me, what I like, how things move along, and anything else that may cross my mind. I also want this to be a space where you can share with me and let me know what you think about what I write, ideas I have, ideas you have, what you might like to see and more. Let’s make it a space we can share with each other and have some fun.

So, now that we have a beginning to the blog, we can talk about beginnings. As a reader, how do you decide what book you will begin or choose? What helps draw you into a story right away? If you’re a writer, what helps get you jumpstarted on your story? Where do you like to begin your process or start your story? Let me know, and I’ll be happy to comment as well. You can also always comment to me on social media on my Facebook page, on Twitter, or at my email at

Until next time, let the journey begin!

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